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The Home Brewed Chef Show with Sean Z. Paxton


The Session Beer & Food | The Brewing Network | October 28, 2013

Here’s a news flash: Beer pairs well with food. What you might NOT know, though, is that there are some combinations that just don’t jive. Tune in this week for a crash course through the pairings to avoid as Homebrewed Chef Sean Z. Paxton is back in the studio for The Session.

The Cheese and Beer Show | The Brewing Network | August 05, 2011

On this episode of The Homebrewed Chef, special co-host Jason “JP” Petros and I will dive into the world of cheese, goat cheese that is. I recently took a trip up to Arcata, CA and visited the CypressGrove Chève cheese company, where they make, among other cheeses, Humboldt Fog.

Listener Q&A Show | The Brewing Network | April 11, 2011

On this episode, Sean and Justin will be answering almost any question you have on cooking with beer, brewing beer for cooking, pairing questions, to techniques and other ideas you have, but need a little help on how to execute the dish

The Homebrew Chef | Sean Z. Paxton | BeerSmith Podcast 21

The Home Brewed Chef Show | The Brewing Network





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Home Brew Chef is a place for chefs, the at-home gourmet, foodies, home brewers and pro-brewers to explore Beer Cusine, get inspired and re-think how beer is used in the kitchen and at the table.


Sean Z. Paxton
Sonoma, California