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Menus are one way a Chef may share their soul with an audience. The use of seasonal, local, organic products, relationships with growers and brewers, inspirations, muse of textures, all come together; like the paint and brushes of an artist, a guitar player’s preference for steel versus nylon strings or a brewer’s choice of grains, hops and yeast. These ingredients are the building blocks for an event, as these hand picked ingredients combine with a Chef’s touch, they transform into flavors and experiences to savor and remember and share some of life's most memorable moments.

I have created some celebrated and memorable menus. Each dish left the guest with a memory to savor. The creation of each dish was custom tailored to the host's thoughts, wishes and type of event the menu was created for. From a special birthday, a gathering of foodies wanting to share a meal together, to homebrewers having a brewer's dinner like no other.

Please share your creations with the community. Home Brew Chef likes to hear from our members and guests, if you tried a beer recommended or went out of the box and came up with a tasty alternative with great results, share your experiences at the Chef's Table.

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Home Brew Chef is a place for chefs, the at-home gourmet, foodies, home brewers and pro-brewers to explore Beer Cusine, get inspired and re-think how beer is used in the kitchen and at the table.


Sean Z. Paxton
Sonoma, California