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I look at a recipe more as an inspiration, a thought that becomes flavors rolling off the tongue, key ingredients shining through, ending in a moment of enjoyment. Most of the recipes I develop are what I would classify as Beer Cuisine or Cooking with Beer. These recipes either use beer as an ingredient or pairs well with a particular type of beer. I find that cooking with beer gives the final recipe more complexity, adds balance to some recipes while taking others to new taste levels. As a chef and home brewer, I encourage experimentations within each recipe.

Several different types of ingredient choices can be used in some of the recipes. For example if a recipe calls for a beer style to be used, it’s my hope you’ll see "outside the box" or think originally about the recipe and try some bold experimentation on your own! Muse on how best to suit yours and your guests or family’s taste buds.

Please share your creations with the community. Home Brew Chef likes to hear from our members and guests, if you tried a beer recommended or went out of the box and came up with a tasty alternative with great results, share your experiences at the Chef's Table.

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Home Brew Chef is a place for chefs, the at-home gourmet, foodies, home brewers and pro-brewers to explore Beer Cusine, get inspired and re-think how beer is used in the kitchen and at the table.


Sean Z. Paxton
Sonoma, California